30GB shared between Drive and Gmail

posted May 21, 2013, 9:00 AM by Eric Mesa   [ updated May 21, 2013, 9:04 AM ]
Life gets a bit easier when your Google Apps products work well together -- whether that’s inserting a Drive file into an email or sharing Docs and photos from Drive on Google+. As that experience becomes seamless, having separate storage doesn't make as much sense anymore. So over the coming weeks, you’ll get 30 GB of unified storage to use as you like between Drive and Gmail. Just as before, files created in Docs, Sheets and Slides don't count against your storage quota. Storage will also be shared with photos you upload to Google+ larger than 2048px. 

With this new combined storage, you can use your storage how you need to. As a result of today’s storage change, Gmail inboxes for Google Apps for Education customers are no longer limited to 25 GB -- any additional storage you purchase can be shared and used by Gmail. Or alternatively, if you’re only using a few gigabytes of email storage, but have a lot of large documents and files stored in Google Drive, you can now use your storage primarily for Drive. 

Google will also be making updates to the Google Drive storage page, so you can better understand how you're using your storage. Simply hover over the pie chart to see a breakdown of your storage use across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos.

This update will roll out to our Cedarburg.k12.wi.us domain over the coming weeks.